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4 cats is not enough!

After getting Lucas, Lucien was a happy boy.  He’s older though and easily amused, and worn out. I forgot what it was like having a kitten in the house. Lucas was a year when we got him. He looked full grown so I never fully equated him to a “kitten”. OH but he has the attitude and energy of one! Fatty Lucien chooses not to keep up. After almost a year, we decided perhaps we should get him a playmate. A cat close to his age. To be honest, I was craving another calico too! With cats, you can’t just shop though. You can’t help who you fall in love with!

Starting late summer we started browsing for a kitty. It was more planned that the usual PetSmart visits with time spent hanging out at the adoption center. I saw a boy on Facebook posted by the local Humane Society. He was snatched up quick! Moving on….

I planned to take the month of October off for mouth surgery. Steve and I figured that would be the best time to get a new family member. I’d be home, and the new addition would hopefully distract me from the discomfort of having several teeth yanked out. We thought it would be easiest to once again start back at PetSmart. I swear, we just meant to browse!

Meet 16 month old Lily (Dracena) She was brought to PetSmart via Life Savers Animal Rescue in Polson, MT. This time around, PetSmart had me call the shelter to interview. The lady seemed hesitant and repeatedly said “Dracena” was quirky. She was shy as well. She was rescued from a rabbit hutch. We just had to bring her home! I convinced her she needed us and it was finalized. Lily was ours! Here is her picture from PetSmart.

For the first two days she stayed behind the toilet in our upstairs bathroom. She came out far enough to spot the stairs and down she flew. It took her about two months before she’d willingly come upstairs again. Then she’d only follow Lucas.  Now I can report that she is a total ball of energy. If there is a ruckus downstairs, she is the cause of it. If you hear a heard of elephants, it’s her and her big brother Lucas. They are two peas in a pod. I’d swear there were REAL brother and sister. They are never far from each other and play for hours, or until he poops out. Then he’ll retreat to Lucien for a bath and nap.

As for her quirks. She wants attention so bad, but unless it’s her terms, or a certain part of the house, we’ve dubbed her safe spot, she will run from you like you’re Satan. If she lets you close see purrs and drools like mad. She flops around like a fish from side to side making sure every inch is  loved on. She digs Steve’s (only his) socks out and prances with one in her mouth while making a weird sound. When Steve gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, like a ninja, she quietly appears on the bed, in the dark, to get loving. At no other time will she come into our room, much less jump on the bed.

Mimi still hates her, and Lucas. Elvira and Lucien tolerate her. Aside from Mimi’s hisses, everything is working out as dreamed. With cats, that never happens!

The Pooks



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Since Mac went over the bridge, Lucien just wouldn’t bounce back. He ignored his sisters and was lethargic. We had him checked up after a few months, but the vet found nothing wrong. He was just sad. I was heartbroken. I thought over time he’d start to hang out with Mimi and Elvira more, but he just didn’t. We toyed with getting another boy, but it just didn’t feel right. November 2015 Pandora got out. My precious Squeak was never found. We believe she was ill and decided to go hide away. Not knowing still hurts to this day.

My brother decided that 3 cats wasn’t enough. 4 days later, the night before Steve’s (boyfriend) birthday he and my mom went to PetSmart. They text me two photos. One was a tuxie boy named Clint. Steve’s eyes grew large. NO NO NO NO NO I cried! My mom and brother came back home sans cat. They ran out of carriers at the store and didn’t allow cats to be taken out with one. Rightly so! I was sad, but relieved. Steve had other plans. Long story short, Steve, my brother and I ran back to PetSmart with one of our carriers.

Meet 12 month old Lucas. He was from Tracs out of Thompson Falls, MT. He didn’t really respond to Clint and I didn’t like the name anyway. I didn’t mean to name him an L name like Lucien, but I couldn’t figure out a proper vampire name. I should have talked to him about it. I kid you not, he does not like his name. He barely twitches when you talk to him. This was until one day I called him Lucas Pookus. Pook and Pookie stuck. Though unoriginal, it gets this stubborn boys’  attention. To this day, he barely flinches if you call him Lucas. He’ll look at you if you say Pook though.

I must share, that a fire broke out on November 7th, but all cats were rescued. We can’t get answers, but we wonder if our baby boy was there when it happened. He is super skiddish and does not like loud noises. We learned, his first summer with us, the lawn guy terrifies him. OK the mower, not the man. :-( He also freaks out, more than most cats, at closed doors.

Soooo even though I felt it was too soon to get another cat, Lucas was a blessing. Lucien came out of his funk and LOVES his baby brother. They cuddle and Lucas receives bathes from Lucien. They play, but not enough to keep Lucas happy. If he gets bored he cries. He also cries for real. Real tears. Mac used to do this. This is one of the reasons we got him. Steve swears that when we started to walk away, he looked back and saw tears. Once or twice, before we got Lily, I saw these years. He has us wrapped around his paws! They have more toys than a store. All of our cats do. We have three trees in windows. He likes us, but is not too people orientated.  We strive to make our fur kids happy, even at our expense and sanity at times. Finally near the end of the summer we decided we might have to get him a playmate.

To be continued……

Meowingtons INSANE 90% off sale

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Now is the tine to stock up on gifts for kitty friends and fuzzy pals too!

Just visit Meowingtons now! This sale wont last long!

Pet Smart Black Friday Deals

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Posh Elvira

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My skinny girl Elvira recently had a check up. Doc says she’s just fine. I still worry. She’s getting smaller and smaller. You can’t tell in this picture, but the basket is pretty small. The pumpkin basket inside, from Joann’s, is not quite the size of a dinner plate.

Just like cats do, she fits so she sits.

She claims she never gets attention so while I’m trying to get a basket of Perfectly Posh treats, she sits.



Armarkat Cat Tree from Chewy.com

25 December, 2015 (04:51) | Cats, Chewy, Elvira, Lucien, Mimi, Pandora | No comments

Pandora, Elvira, Mimi and most of all Lucien want to give a shout out to Chewy for sending them this fabulous Amarkat Cat Tree. cat tree! Before my boyfriend even finished putting it together (all of 10 minutes) Lucien was already scratching the pole. =^..^=


Lucien has been a butt and not letting the girls near the tree, but Elvira prefers the box anyway.

Armakats products have provided pets around the world with fun and relaxation, while providing pet owners with the enjoyment and satisfaction of knowing they bought a quality product that is not only fashionably designed but also durable and safe.

Key Benefits

Ideal for playing, scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising that cats go crazy for!
Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools


Overall Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 26 inches
Base Dimensions: 20 x 14 inches
Perch Dimensions: 14 x 12 inches
Max Holding Weight: 15 lbs inches

We received this cat tree for review purposes. All opinions are those of my furkids.


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Petflow’s Spoiled Rotten Box ~ Cats Edition

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Today the furkids got their second Spoiled Rotten box by Petflow. They’re not as happy as the last one. This one only had 1 toy in it. They sure did love all the treats though. If you want to spoil your kitties or doggies be scure to visit www.PetFlow.com/Spoiled Price 29.99 and you can cancel anytime.

June Pawalla Box

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Hello Kitties ~ Not Happy

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