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Armarkat Cat Tree from

25 December, 2015 (04:51) | Cats, Chewy, Elvira, Lucien, Mimi, Pandora | No comments

Pandora, Elvira, Mimi and most of all Lucien want to give a shout out to Chewy for sending them this fabulous Amarkat Cat Tree. cat tree! Before my boyfriend even finished putting it together (all of 10 minutes) Lucien was already scratching the pole. =^..^=   Lucien has been a butt and not letting the [...]

Alarm Clocks

19 November, 2012 (04:07) | Kitten Faces, Lucien | No comments

My house doesn’t need an alarm clock to get up between 4-5. We have Lucien. OH and me yelling quietly at Lucien to shut up. WAIT! He’s late! It’s 04:05 and no crying YET.